Whether learning a foreign language for personal achievement or working towards an exam, we design our courses accordingly with an emphasis on delivering fun and interactive classes. Please note that we don’t provide examinations. Each level below is delivered over 5 terms of 10 weeks each in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK and online.


Fee per person - Exam preparation (A-Level, GCSE, Common entrance)

Pay as you go 1h
When paid up front: 10h    5h 
£416 £226

Please contact me for corporate fees.

Fee per person - Non-exam / Non-corporate (paid upfront only)

Number of Students per Class 10h    5h 
1 £336 £189
2 £229 £137
3 £189 -
4 £170 -
5 £158 -

Reasonable advance notice will be given for any future changes to tuition fee rates.

Beginner French

This is a progressive course with emphasis on basic conversation for those with little or no knowledge of French (when joining term 1).

Beginner Course Topics

Beginner Plus French

This is a progressive course with emphasis on conversation for those with at least 18 months’ knowledge of French. Students should be familiar with grammatical structures in the present tense. At the end of the course, students will have reached the equivalent of the GCSE foundation tier (grades 4 to 5).

Beginner Plus Course Topics

Intermediate French

This course focuses on extending conversational skills for those with a good understanding of French grammatical structures (present, past (perfect) and future). Students must have at least 3 years of experience of learning the language. This course is ideal for those wishing to reach the equivalent of the GCSE higher tier (grades 6 to 7).

Intermediate Course Topics

Intermediate plus French

This course focuses on conversational structures. A good understanding of French tenses (present, past (perfect-imperfect) and near future) is necessary to move on to new tenses useful for improving fluency (conditional, introduction to subjunctive). This course is perfect for you if you aim to improve your French to socialise/deal more with French natives or if you want to aim for the equivalent of the grades 8 or 9 of the GCSE.

Intermediate Plus Course Topics

Advanced French

This course focuses on conversation and culture for those who have completed the previous courses or have studied French for at least four-five years. A progressive approach is used to master the subjunctive tense. Students will also learn to express their opinions and ideas with more precision. At the end of this course of 6 terms, students will achieve the equivalent of AS level. If your aim is to converse more in depth with natives, this course is for you.

Advanced Course Topics

Classes de conversation

These classes are aimed at students with at least 7 to 8 years experience with the language. A good understanding of tenses and a wide range of vocabulary is preferable. Students will be exposed to a wide range of resources (videos, newspaper article, Grammar revision games...). The topics will reflect the students interests but also the current affairs.
Annual fee per person (12 monthly conversation classes of 1h30): £210 There is no registration fee.

Bespoke Classes

Languistique also provides French tailored courses. Specific topics can be covered on request; examples have included extra tuition for those moving abroad, preparing a wedding speech, focusing on business French, or sitting for exams (Common entrance, GCSE, AS- and A2-levels).