Overview of course topics:

Term 1:

  • Socialising: suggesting activities, inviting/replying to invitations, meeting people (first contact: small talks), being a host/guest

Term 2:

  • The work place: showing someone around, comparing workplace conditions
  • Giving an opinion on a place-person-event
  • Business lunches, letters of thanks

Term 3:

  • Shopping: dealing with a  shop assistant, discussions on products
  • The conditional
  • Understanding TV programs

Term 4:

  • Explaining a problem in detail: accomodation, travel, health, theft
  • Asking for a compensation
  • The pluperfect
  • Introduction to subjunctive

Term 5:

  • Grammar doesn't need to be boring: Interactive activities to reinforce the grammar seen up to this level
  • The art of debating
  • Term 5 allows students to polish their French before moving onto the equivalent of the French A-level

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