Overview of the course topics

Term 1:

  • Extension of personal descriptions: physically – personalities
  • Talking about daily life: personal routine, leisure, habits, job
  • Talking about technology and social media in your daily life

Term 2:

  • Describing the music, films, TV programs you are / used to be interested in
  • Describing past holidays
  • Using the perfect and imperfect tense

Term 3:

  • Bringing the world together: Talking about big events
  • Natural disasters
  • Problems of our society: Rich and poor people, homelessness
  • Fairtrade and consuming rationally
  • Charities and Volunteering

Term 4:

  • Talking about future personal projects and prorities
  • Talking about the routine on holiday
  • Renting a holiday accommodation
  • Requesting some detailed information on holiday

Term 5:

  • Environmental problems and their solutions
  • Travelling abroad vs. travelling in own country

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