Overview of the course topics:

Term 1:

  • Travelling: buying tickets, asking information, comparing journey, time
  • Accommodations: booking over the phone, finding the best deal, interacting with the hotel staff, opinion on hotels

Term 2:

  • On the road: directions on motorway and in town, car breakdown, road signs
  • Giving/asking directions inside a building
  • Health problems: body parts, describing symptoms, booking an appointment at the doctor’s, advising someone, understanding medicine doses and the chemist's instructions.

Consolidation / Refresher term:

  • That term gives an opportunity for students to work on the areas they need to improve or areas they want to reinforce. This is supported with varied activities and open discussions.    
  • it has also been proven valuable for students with a GCSE level / O'level obtained many years ago. It allows to freshen up the linguistic knowledge in a fun and practical manner before carrying on with the Languistique terms below:

Term 3:

  • Describing an environment: comparing live in town, in a villages, on the seaside, in the mountain and in the countryside
  • Giving an opinion on a place
  • Describing an image

Term 4:

  • The perfect tense: how to translate 'did / have done' in French
  • Festivals and traditions in France: describing activities during non-religious and religious festivals
  • Talking about a particular festival

Term 5:

  • Talking about healthy living: revision of health problems, describing drinking and eating habits, describing sport habits, describing how to stay healthy

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