How to Enrol

1. Request

Complete the form below 

2. Informal Chat with Teacher

You will be contacted to discuss:

Your needs & objectives 
Your level if you don’t know it (it can be evaluated face-to-face or via zoom for free). 
The day/time of your lessons

3. Payment  
After the informal chat with the teacher, an invoice will be sent to you with the payment methods. The full payment should be made prior to the first lesson.

4. Welcome 
Upon receipt of the full payment, a receipt will be sent to you. You will then receive a folder with the handouts of the term, you signed for, and its complementary audio resource*. Et voilà, you can now immerse yourself in the Francophone world!

*The audio resources cover the 5 levels Beginners to Advanced, not the topics of conversation classes nor bespoke courses.

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