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Welcome to Languistique
French language courses and resources for learning or teaching French

The courses and resources have been designed on a strong foundation of face-to-face and online teaching to both teenagers and adults of different profiles and needs.  They have proven to provide:

  • A motivating framework, helping learners progress through interactive and stimulating activities
  • Efficient tools to develop the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with an emphasis on speaking.


Do you want to start teaching French language to adults right away? Do you wish to structure your classes more or refresh them, but don’t have the luxury of time? You will soon be able to do it with the lively Languistique resources.

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Face-to-face French language lessons are delivered by Françoise, a native French speaker in Market Harborough (Leicestershire, UK). She also delivers online classes.

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There are so many ways to practice all 4 skills. Here is a regularly updated selection!

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